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Hamilton  First grade

“I am” Poem
I am driven and ambitious.
I wonder about my future.
I hear Tinkerbell dancing.
I see pixie dust.
I want to wear beautiful costumes.
I am driven and ambitious. 
I am from warm and fuzzy.
I am from beach vacations. From Kevin And Kate And the _____ family  
I pretend to be a student at Julliard.
I feel frightened of monsters.
I touch the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
I worry about failure.
I cry when I disappoint myself.
I am driven and ambitious. 
I’m from Charlotte, Crab and shrimp.
From a boat in the Atlantic Ocean.
The day long tubing.
And the feasting on seafood.  
I dream about being a professional dancer.
I try to be perfect.
I hope to be on Broadway.
I am driven and ambitious.
Julia (7th Grade)

Poem by Heather (7th Grade)
Heather's Poem (7th Grade)

Ben (1st grade) loves to write....


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